Brew and Give Delicious Economic Independence This Holiday Season

christmas-blend-2016We all know that buying from your local, independent Mom ‘n Pop supports the local economy in many ways, but did you know that this particular small business also supports small family-run farms around the world? Coffee grows in places and by people we can’t see and that are easy to forget. So we keep them in the front of our hearts and minds by purchasing direct from them at fair prices.

It’s a beautiful circle- our Peruvian and Guatemalan farmers invest in their land and people, and grow exceptional coffees that we have the privilege to buy, roast, brew, and serve to our community (near and far).

Our holiday blend combines the hard work of our farmers, whole spices, and roasted oranges to fill your mug with warm, rich, fragrant brew.  While preserving the inherent quality and flavor of the beans themselves, we get a hint of Christmas cheer with every cup by including a little bag of spices in every bag of beans. This coffee is not flavored, but rather enhanced naturally. For less, remove the bag right away to reduce contact with the aromatic ingredients. For a more pronounced jolly flavor, break open your bag and add the whole bits to the grounds in your brewer.

Sales of our Peruvian coffee (which is in this blend!) support building new schools in coffee-growing regions. So not only are you supporting your local economy and the farmers in Peru and Guatemala, you’re supporting the continuing education (which usually ends at 2nd grade) of countless farmers. Doing good tastes great!


Call the shop to set up a custom pickup day to ensure fresh coffee for your travels, gifts, and hospitality 724-843-4221.